Team Revolution Barbecue in Action – Fort Collins CO

Team Revolution Barbecue in action at the #samsclub #nationalprobbqtour… trimming the ribs and adding some of our Hot and Spicy Chicken and Pork Rub to make them super scrummy!! You can pick up some our Hot & Spicy Chicken and Pork rub at our Online Store.

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New Product Launch – Pinche Gringo Adobo Rub

We are totally addicted to the flavors of the Southwest and this rub satisfies our craving. We have twisted the flavors of Guajillos, Anchos, Chipotles, Oregano, and Cumin with Sonoma Salt and Oranges to come up with our spin on a traditional favorite. Rub on your favorite meat at least an hour (better overnight) before grilling. Check out our ONLINE SHOP and use Discount Code GRINGO at checkout to save 20% on your order to celebrate the launch of our new product. Be sure to hurry up as the discount only lasts thru Thursday 5/26/2016.

Pinche Gringo Adobo Rub

Compliments of Instagram user monkeygrl652… So delicious a experiment with gringo bbq rub from @revolutionbbq. 8hr slow cooked gringo rubbed pork shoulder, guava bbq sauce, cilantro lime crema slaw and shredded jack cheese between corn arepa buns.

Compliments of Instagram user greenaspengrillery… Chicken all rubbed down with the gringo adobo #bbq rub #revolutionbbq #weberweekend

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Ancho Pepper, Chipotle, Guajillo Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Cumin, Orange Juice Powder, Vinegar Powder, and other Spices.

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Smoked Turkey Breast – Dry Brining Method

There are very few things we love better than a moist and juicy smoked turkey breast on a nice cool autumn day. The leftovers from a smoked turkey make some of the tastiest leftover sandwiches you will ever eat. We just wish that the grocery stores realized that turkeys were not just for Thanksgiving and made them more readily available. We know you will enjoy this tasty recipe as much as we do!

Smoked Turkey Breast
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Bourbon Cast Iron Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is one of those all time great comfort desserts that transcends all generations and just makes everyone happy. This version utilizes our cast iron pan we have had since our wedding day many moons ago. If you don’t have one, borrow one from your Grandma, and then be sure to go online at the link below and pick one up. We added a signature spin on this by adding one of our all time favorite beverages, Bourbon! We just love this recipe and know that you will too!

Bourbon Cast Iron Bread Pudding Master

We recommend the Lodge H5SK Heat Enhanced and Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 8-Inch, Click here to pick up yours!


How to light your Weber Smokey Mountain Video

We love our Weber Smokey Mountains, but the number one complaint we hear from people is that the coals never seem to last long enough. Well say goodbye to reloading hot coals in your Weber Smokey Mountain.. this video will show you how to stretch the life of your coals to get you at least an 8 hour cook. If we have to run our smoker more than 8 hours, we always use the Minion method, invented by Jim Minion.

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Lime Chile Negro Pork Tenderloins

Having lived a good portion of our lives in Arizona, we are very fond of Southwestern flavors and anything with chile peppers in it gets our mouths watering. This dish utilizes both Chile Negros and Guajillo peppers to give these pork tenderloins a taste of the American Southwest without bringing too much heat to the party. Most cities now have a decent supply of Hispanic Grocery stores and the chilis in the recipe should be easily found.



Spicy Korean Chicken

One of our favorite non-traditional or non-American Style BBQ is Korean BBQ so we tend to make as many variations as we can. This is our take on Spicy Korean Chicken using a Korean chili paste called gochujang. We had to take this dish over the top and served it with Animal Style Sriracha Tater Tots.

Spicy Korean Chicken