Revolution Barbecue collaborates with Chef Kyle Connaughton

Team Revolution Barbecue is proud to announce it’s recent collaboration with Kyle Connaughton, world-renowned chef and BBQ enthusiast. We are working with Chef Kyle on the application of classical cooking techniques to the rules and limitations of  Competition BBQ. The sanctioning bodies of Competition BBQ do not allow for meat preparation prior to arrival to the event and until on-site meat inspection. This time limitation hinders the application of long standing preparation techniques and presents challenges to provide a high quality and award winning product. We look forward to applying the techniques presented by Chef Kyle in our upcoming competitions and have been practicing them intensely.

About Chef Kyle Connaughton

Kyle Connaughton was born into a family that was heavily involved in the restaurant industry as both chefs and restaurateurs. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel all throughout the world with his family, experiencing many cuisines and cultures. At the age of 9, Kyle announced to his parents that he was going to become a chef after eating at a sushi restaurant for the first time, an experience that he still claims as the most powerful food memory of his life. In March 1996, Chef Kyle graduated from California School of Culinary Arts and has worked with Michel Bras in Japan as well as Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck in Bray, England. For more information on Chef Kyle, check out his bio.

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