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Revolution Barbecue Texas Beef and Blak Beef Seasoning Combo

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Flavorful Fusion: Texas & Blak Smoked Prime Rib

Gather ’round the holiday table for a cherished tradition: our Christmas Prime Rib Roast. Each year, this centerpiece holds a special place in our family festivities. Now, we’ve introduced a new twist to this beloved classic—the marriage of Texas Beef and Blak Beef BBQ Seasoning. This tantalizing combo has become our ultimate go-to for enhancing the succulent flavors of beef. The rich aroma wafting through the kitchen as these seasonings intermingle with the prime rib roast is a testament to the celebration about to unfold. It’s more than just a dish; it’s a flavorful journey that unites tradition with innovation, offering a symphony of tastes that delight the senses. Join us in savoring this festive fusion, as we continue to craft lasting memories around the table, celebrating the joy of the season with this extraordinary culinary experience.

Recipe by Glenn Connaughton. Read more about Glenn here.

Revolution Barbecue Texas Beef and Blak Beef Seasoning Combo

Blak Beef BBQ Seasoned Smoked Prime Rib

Introducing a flavorful twist to our cherished holiday tradition: the Blak Beef BBQ Seasoned Smoked Prime Rib! This exceptional recipe infuses the robust essence of both our Blak BBQ Seasoning and the iconic Revolution Barbecue Texas Beef BBQ Rub into every succulent bite. The activated charcoal in Blak BBQ Seasoning creates a mesmerizing bark on the prime rib roast, while a hint of cumin subtly emerges, enhancing the rich flavors. Slow-smoked to perfection, this dish promises an extraordinary union of tender meat with a tantalizing blend of seasonings. Prepare to experience the magic of activated charcoal, adding depth and a captivating appearance, along with the delightful touch of cumin elevating each slice to an unparalleled level of taste and visual splendor.
What is a Prime Rib Roast?
A prime rib roast, derived from the primal rib section of the cow, comprises seven rib bones and abundant, tender, marbled muscle, sometimes weighing up to 30 pounds. The term "prime" in its name doesn't solely denote the meat grade but rather signifies its origin from the primal muscle. Prime grade is commonly found at high-quality butchers or larger retail warehouses. However, many grocery stores offer Choice or Select grade beef, which, while not labeled as "prime," can still be used interchangeably in most prime rib recipes. Regardless of grade, the cut's tenderness and marbling make it a sought-after choice for its rich flavor and succulent texture.
What wood to smoke with?
Oak or hickory wood serves as excellent choices for smoking prime rib due to their distinct flavors and burning characteristics. Oak offers a moderate, well-rounded smokiness that complements the beef without overpowering its natural taste. Its medium smoke intensity lends a delightful earthy aroma, enhancing the meat's flavors subtly. Similarly, hickory delivers a strong, robust smoke profile, infusing the prime rib with a bold, slightly sweet taste. Both woods provide consistent and steady heat, ensuring a slow, even smoke, imparting an appetizing essence to the meat while allowing the beef's inherent flavors to shine through, creating a delectable and aromatic smoked prime rib.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 4 hours 45 minutes
Course Beef, Christmas, Holiday, Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 6 people



  • Preheat the Smoker: Fire up your preferred smoker and preheat it to 225°F, using Oak or Hickory wood for smoking.
  • Trim and Season: Combine olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, minced garlic, Blak BBQ Seasoning, and Texas Beef BBQ Rub in a small bowl. Rub the prime rib roast generously with the combined seasoning mixture evenly over the entire roast.
  • Smoke the Roast: Place the seasoned prime rib on the smoker’s grill grates. Close the lid and smoke the meat until it reaches an internal temperature of 120°F for Rare, 125°F for Medium Rare, or 130°F for Medium. The roast will take roughly 35-40 minutes per pund to reach the desired temperature.
  • Rest the Roast: Once the desired internal temperature is reached, take the roast off the smoker and transfer it to a cutting board. Cover the roast loosely with aluminum foil and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, increase the temperature of your grill to 400°F.
  • Sear the Roast: Once the smoker reaches 400°F, return the rested prime rib roast to the smoker. Continue smoking until it reaches your preferred doneness: 130°F for Rare, 135°F for Medium Rare, or 140°F for Medium.
  • Rest and Serve: Remove the prime rib from the smoker and allow it to rest for an additional 15 minutes before slicing and serving.


Experience the extraordinary flavors of our Blak Beef BBQ Seasoning and Revolution Barbecue Texas Beef BBQ Rub in every tantalizing slice of this smoked prime rib! Elevate your holiday feast with the mesmerizing bark created by activated charcoal and the subtle hint of cumin, enhancing the rich, succulent flavors. Ready to transform your cooking? Unlock the potential of these exceptional seasonings and create your own culinary masterpiece! Visit our website today to get your hands on both the Blak Beef BBQ Seasoning and the Texas Beef BBQ Rub, and embark on a flavor-filled adventure that will elevate your dishes to new heights! Your taste buds will thank you.
Revolution Barbecue Texas Beef and Blak Seasoning Combo
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