All Purpose BBQ Rub


Introducing our Signature All-Purpose BBQ Rub! 🔥🌶️ Elevate your grilling experience with this versatile blend of premium spices and herbs. From chicken and pork to veggies, this rub adds a mouthwatering burst of flavor that will leave you craving more. Crafted with love and pride, unlock the secret to sensational barbecue magic. Get ready to impress with every sizzle and bite! 🌟🔥🍗🥩🌽

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Revolution Barbecue All Purpose BBQ Rub is a versatile seasoning blend that’s perfect for all your favorite grilled or smoked meats. This delicious rub is made with a carefully balanced blend of premium spices and herbs, giving your meat a rich, savory flavor that’s sure to impress.

Whether you’re grilling up chicken, pork, beef, or even veggies, Revolution Barbecue All Purpose BBQ Rub is the perfect way to add a delicious layer of flavor to your dishes. The blend includes classic barbecue spices like paprika, garlic, onion, and chili powder, along with other herbs and seasonings that work together to create a delicious, complex flavor profile.

What sets this rub apart is its versatility. This rub can be used on just about anything, from ribs and chicken to burgers and steaks. It’s also great for seasoning grilled vegetables, tofu, or even popcorn.

Using Revolution Barbecue All Purpose BBQ Rub is easy – simply sprinkle it generously onto your meat before grilling or smoking. The all-natural ingredients ensure that you get the best flavor possible without any artificial additives.

So if you’re looking for a versatile, flavorful BBQ rub that will take your grilling game to the next level, Revolution Barbecue All Purpose BBQ Rub is the perfect choice. With its rich, savory flavor and all-natural ingredients, you can enjoy delicious, authentic barbecue flavor any time you want.

Our delicious Signature BBQ Rub is the best choice to smoke, grill, or barbecue Chicken & Pork. This rub is our very original recipe and is our pride and joy.  We hope you enjoy! Comes in a 10.6oz Shaker Bottle.

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Ingredients: Kosher Salt, Cane Sugar, Paprika, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Chile Powder, & Cayenne Pepper

SKU: 682962997033

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